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From Java 8 to Java 11


A Beginner’s Guide to Blockchain


Using GPG encryption Github commits


Incapsula INC IP Address


Apache vs Nginx Practical Considerations


Ruby on rails study notes

From a multi-year phper conversion to rubyer lineup and found that ruby this language is still very good, in fact, I am looking for an excuse for lazy, want to do a remote work at home.
In the Turing community to buy the book, railstutorial4th-0.1.2

Global Netizen to Blueprint | The Wannacry virus attacks the infected scene

According to Europol, the Wannacry extortion virus attack has endangered 200,000 computers in more than more than 150 countries. The attacks have had an impact on many global institutions, including FedEx, the Spanish telecoms giant Telefónica Telefónica, French carmaker Renault, China Research and Education Institute, the German Federal railroads system, and more than more than 1000 computers in Russia’s Interior Ministry.

Use kali to crack wpa wifi

Well, nonsense not much to say, we enter today’s theme, the use of kali linux on the wireless security tools wpa encryption wifi password crack. Because wep encryption is too little, so skip, choose to crack wpa. WPA crack is intercepted by the client and the router between the handshake package, according to the size of the dictionary for violent crack, that is the size of the dictionary directly determines the success of the crack or not.

YouPorn - Targeting 200 Million Views A Day And Beyond

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TIOBE March programming language leaderboard

Swift first entered TIOBE top 10 this month. Swift is a new programming language for writing iOS and OS X applications. Swift combines the advantages of C and Objective-C and is not limited by C compatibility. Swift uses a secure programming mode and adds a lot of new features that will make programming simpler, more flexible, and more interesting.