Swift first entered TIOBE top 10 this month. Swift is a new programming language for writing iOS and OS X applications. Swift combines the advantages of C and Objective-C and is not limited by C compatibility. Swift uses a secure programming mode and adds a lot of new features that will make programming simpler, more flexible, and more interesting.

3 years ago, Apple announced the use of Swift instead of mobile application development language Objective-C, but the Objective-C installation base is very strong, and the application prepared with Objective-C difficult to migrate to Swift, so this decision is not fully realized The As Swift is mainly used for Apple systems, ranking is not expected to further enhance.

March Programming Language Ranking TOP20 List:
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Top 10 Programming Language TIOBE Index Trends (2002-2016)
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Other programming language rankings

No. 21-50 is as follows, there may be missing:
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No. 51-100 is as follows, since the numerical differences between them are small and are only listed in text (alphabetical):

  • (Visual) FoxPro, ABC, ActionScript, APL, AutoLISP, bc, BlitzMax, Bourne shell, C shell, CFML, cg, CL (OS/400), Clipper, Clojure, Common Lisp, Crystal, Eiffel, Elixir, Elm, Emacs Lisp, Forth, Hack, Icon, IDL, Inform, Io, J, Korn shell, Kotlin, Maple, ML, NATURAL, NXT-G, OCaml, OpenCL, OpenEdge ABL, Oz, PL/I, PowerShell, REXX, Ring, S, Smalltalk, SPARK, SPSS, Standard ML, Stata, Tcl, VBScript, Verilog

Historical rankings (1987-2017)

Note: The ranking below depends on the 12-month average.
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Programming language “celebrity list” (2003-2016)

The annual programming language winners are shown in the following figure, which awards the highest rated programming language in a year:
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TIOBE Programming Language The Community Rank is an indicator of the programming language trends, updated monthly, based on the number of experienced programmers, courses and third-party vendors on the Internet. Rankings are calculated using well-known search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo !, Wikipedia, YouTube, and Baidu. Please note that this ranking is only a reflection of the popularity of a programming language, and can not explain a programming language is good, or a language written by the number of the number of code.

This list can be used to examine whether your programming skills are advancing with the times and can be used as a language choice when developing new systems.